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Beauty treatments at the 4-star Hotel Ambassador

Relaxing massages and various facial and body treatments for a smooth, radiant skin during your wellness holiday in Levico Terme

Our staff will be pleased to welcome you to the Beauty Area, to customise any treatment programs specifically for your face and body according to your needs and the length of your stay. We’ll take care of you, your beauty and your well-being!

In order to fully satisfy your requests regarding dates and times of the treatments of your choice, please reserve the treatments of our Wellness Center when booking your room or the day of your arrival. The treatments booked and not canceled at least 2 days before, will be fully charged.

Body treatments


  • Face / Body 8 min. € 10,00


  • Alpine Bath 20 min. 1 person  € 38,00 / 2 people € 65,00
    With mountain pine, larch and pine essence.
  • Mountain hut Bath 20 min. 1 person  € 38,00 / 2 people € 65,00
    With milk and honey
  • Peace Bath 20 min. 1 person  € 38,00 / 2 people € 65,00
    With orange and lavender essence.

Body treatment

  • White Seaweed Mud + 25 min. Relaxing massage with Shea Butter cream and Lime essential oil 50 min. - € 85,00
    This treatment has a draining and toning action. It is excellent for all skin types.
  • Lime essential oil and sea salt scrub + White Seaweed Mud 50 min. - € 75,00
    The draining and toning treatment. It is excellent for all skin types.


  • Delicate with Almonds 20 min. - € 38,00
    This scrub gives elasticity to the skin.
  • With Sea Salt and Citrus Essential Oil 20 min. € 38,00
    Excellent for purifying the skin in depth and making it soft.
Facial treatments


  • Calming 50 min. - € 65,00
    Treatment with Peruvian marvel extract with vitamin B and vegetable oils for a soothing and calming effect on sensitive skin.
  • Balancing 50 min. - € 65,00
    Treatment with Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and vegetable oils for a sebum-regulating action on impure skin.
  • Restructuring 50 min. - € 64,00
    Treatment with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and vegetable oils for an antioxidant and anti-age action.



Classic facial cleansing + Perfection Functional Filler



For targeted facial cleansing on specific areas with a lifting effect.


LUXURY FACE TREATMENT 90 min. € 105,00

Classic facial cleansing + Perfection Functional Filler + Filler Syringe + Gua-Sha or Kobido Facial Massage Technique

For a specific intensive facial treatment with an anti-ageing effect.



Relax massage

  • Classic Massage  50 min. – € 75,00
    This massage loosens the muscles and increases oxygenation.
  • Aromatherapy Massage  50 min. – € 80,00
    Scents have mysterious powers. Enjoy a massage with pure natural essential oils.
  • Hot stone Massage 50 min. – € 80,00
    This ancient massage technique uses warm lava stones to massage the body. All tensions will be released and the energy in the meridians reactivated. It leaves a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.
  • Head in the Clouds Massage  50 min. – € 75,00
    Decontracting massage of the scalp with natural essential oils. It acts positively on the microcirculation and has a pleasant sensation of relaxation.
  • Californian Massage 50 min. – € 85,00
    A soft touch on a physical, energetic and emotional level for an armored body with mind and spirit.
  • NEW 2024 Personalised Massage 50 min. – € 95,00
    A massage that adapts perfectly to the client's needs and uses a mix of techniques to achieve the agreed objective.

Decontracting massage

  • Honey Back Massage  50 min. – € 80,00
    This intensive back treatment perceptibly releases tensions. For centuries honey has been used as a natural remedy. A special massage technique is employed to rub natural honey deep into the skin layers and gently removes impurities. Acting intensively on meridians, the whole organism is stimulated and strengthened.
  • Back or Legs  25 min. – € 40,00
    It relaxes and gives deep wellbeing to the mind and body.

Draining massage

  • Draining Massage  50 min. – € 85,00
    Pleasantly relaxing massage with draining effects.
  • Modeling Massage with Legnotherapy 50 min. – € 90,00
    This body treatment is the key to a beautifully groomed skin and an effective help for your problem zones.


Baby special massage

  • Chocolate or Honey Massage 25 min. – € 40,00
    Chocolate helps the skin to be softer and honey has a relaxing action.
Beauty packages

Private Spa “Il Larice”

2 hours for two

Private Spa with aromatic hydromassage, Turkish bath, chromotherapy, double bed with water mattress and snack & beverage.
Private Spa without cosmetics € 100,00
Private Spa with cosmetics € 120,00

  • Nectar of the queen bee (Malga bath + honey self-scrub)
  • Special Lagorai (Alpine bath + mountain aroma self-scrub)
  • Wildflower Garden (Peace bath + delicate almonds self-scrub)

Combined Treatments:

  • Scrub 20 min. + Classic Massage 50 min. € 95,00
  • Scrub 20 min. + Classic Massage 25 min. € 70,00



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