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Hotel with wellness area - Wellness holidays in Levico Terme

The Hotel Ambassador in Levico Terme offers a spacious wellness area with indoor and outdoor pool, saunas, Turkish bath, solarium, fitness room and much more

After an intense day in the open air, our Wellness Area at the Hotel Ambassador in Levico Terme welcomes you to a gentle dimension filled with water springs, the scent of medicinal essences and vapors. The large indoor pool and the pink colour of the environment together form a fascinating water world, where advanced technology and ancient therapeutic techniques are combined in a wellness programme. The indoor and outdoor pools, fitness room and relaxation rooms encircle this deep healing environment, where silence and peace reign.

Some milestones in the history of wellness that we have chosen for our Wellness Area, are the Finnish sauna and Turkish bath, sources of purification that in different ways make use of the effects of temperature and humidity on the body. The bio-sauna that we propose is gentler, designed for those who have high blood pressure. From smoky fragrant cascades you go to icy and hot water jets, whose sudden thermal alternation is an effective hydrotherapy cure: circulation is reactivated, your heart is strengthened, your skin is toned and your mind awakened.

Feeling tired and light, in summer you can cool off in the outdoor pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying the hot tub. In winter, you can choose to be cradled in the warmth of the indoor pool, soak in a bath of sun in the solarium or relax in the relaxation rooms and enjoy a tisane. There is plenty of choice. We want the very best for our guests!


Finnish Sauna Temperature 80-100°C, humidity 10-20% The Finnish sauna is the sauna par excellence, called “dry” to distinguish it from the others. The temperature, which reaches 80-100°C, induces abundant perspiration, while the environment is dry, with moisture that does not exceed 10-20%. To alleviate the heat, water is poured on stones, and in the water are pine and eucalyptus essential oils that have a balsamic effect. The Finnish sauna is excellent for purifying the skin and oxygenating the blood.

Turkish bath Temperature 40-45°C, humidity 100% An Arab tradition, the Turkish bath is also called the “wet sauna,” because the environment is saturated with steam. At 100% humidity and a temperature of up to 40-45°C, a mist is formed that, once on the skin, stimulates perspiration. The Turkish bath is great for regulating pressure. It is very useful in combating stress, and is also used as a therapy for the treatment of sinusitis and colds.

Bio-sauna Temperature 45-60°C, humidity 40-60% The bio-sauna is suitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Called “medium sauna,” it is something between the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath. The temperature and humidity are less intense, and therefore also the level of perspiration, however it is possible to stay in it longer.

Icy cascade The icy cascade or shower provides the necessary cooling after the sauna. The sudden change in body temperature has a tonic effect on the body, which gives an extraordinary feeling of well-being.

Experience showers, cold and tropical mist The influence of colours and scents on the nervous system, supported by Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine for centuries, today is recognized by more advanced studies. The showers are based on the principles of colour therapy and aromatherapy, for a journey of wellness through water jets, steam, aromatic scents and colours.

Scottish shower Jets of hot and cold water are passed alternately over the body from the bottom upwards. Causing a corresponding opening and closing of the pores, they stimulate circulation and increase skin firmness.

Two relaxation rooms and a tea corner After a wellness cycle or a treatment in the Beauty Area, the relaxation rooms are a cosy and intimate environment where you can enjoy the effects of the therapy on the mind and body. You can take a pampered break on the beds, with a select purifying herbal tea.

Cabin with tanning bed Our solarium has the latest technology in terms of well-being. Appreciated by those who love to tan, the tanning bed with new features has become a health tool. A series of sessions in the solarium favours: increase in the immune system, improved blood circulation, better tissue oxygenation; acceleration of mineral metabolism and the production of calcium, a form of prevention against bone diseases.

Indoor Swimming Pool Our indoor swimming pool with a temperature of 29°C in summer and a temperature of 31-32°C in winter is an oasis of relaxation where you can take a break from the treatments. The hydromassage bench and chaise longue relaxingly massage the body, specifically the buttocks, legs and back. The neck blade, a waterfall placed at a certain height, massages the neck area, relaxing neck, shoulders, head and facial muscles. Whoever wants to swim can use the counter-current swimming area.

Private SPA “Il Larice” 120 min. - bookable for a fee The private spa is designed for couples who want a romantic relaxing holiday, with time spent in peace and privacy, but with all the amenities for your ultimate well-being. The Il Larice Private SPA is a separate section, independent from the Wellness Area, where the couple can spend their time completely undisturbed. In the elegant and refined environment, they will find a large, round whirlpool tub, a Turkish bath and a big waterbed. They are welcomed with a basket of fresh fruit.

Outdoor swimming pool The outdoor pool, elevated and with a beautiful view of the lake, is cool and relaxing in the summer. You can go for a swim or sunbathe in peace in the large relaxation area with sun loungers. Nearby there is a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool for children.

Fitness room with professional equipment Our fitness area is designed for athletes who want to continue their daily training, or for those who want to do some sports to regain energy and well-being. The new equipment includes: the treadmill, exercise bike, benches and the Synchro.


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